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Walking Well

Is A Wellness Vacation For You?

In the hottest lifestyle trend since bellbottoms, young and old have been setting aside the French fries and soda pop for a Wellness lifestyle that upends traditional food sources for sustainable, non-genetically modified, locally grown food supplies.
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Hiking The Great Outdoors Here In Your Backyard!

There's nothing more energizing that taking a summer hike on one of Long Islands' nature preserves, state parks or sanctuaries to discover the natural beauty of your own backyard. From Freeport to Huntington, Bellmore to Smithtown, and Hauppauge to Fort Salonga, Long Island is a hiker's dreamscape come true during the summer months.
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Eating Well

Eat Your Root Vegetables!

Attitudes are changes up and down the grocery aisles and front and center these days are the new raves of the produce department - root vegetables - those gnarly, bright colored bulb-like earthbound roots that surprise, surprise, pack tons of nutrients and vitamins in every fork-full.
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Enjoy The Holidays - One Scrumptious Taste At A Time

You've done your best all year long to avoid empty calories and keep a regular exercise routine to ward off stationary weight gain.
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Being Well

Battling Winter Fatigue, One Day At A Time

Winter's one-two punch of shorter days and freezing temps plays havoc with even the most energetic personalities. Chances are, if you're like the many of us, your energy level struggles to keep pace with your fitness expectations as winter socks in.
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The ABC's of School Vaccinations

Readying your youngsters for their return to school after a long and rambunctious summer break can be a daunting task. In addition to new notebooks, book bags and lunch boxes and this year's must-have high tops - be sure to add a trip to your pediatrician to make sure Joey and Sally are up to date on their required immunizations for attending school.
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Lung Cancer Screening Doctor Is In

In the United States, lung cancer accounts for 27% of all cancer related deaths; it is estimated that 6% of babies born here this year will die of this disease.
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