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NHCC Compliance Program
Nassau Health Care Corporation (NHCC) has instituted a vigorous compliance program that is intended to promote ethics and integrity in the workplace and to prevent and detect wrongdoing of any kind, including but not limited to fraud, waste, and abuse in its organization relating to Federal and State health care programs.

NHCC Code of Ethics Applies to Everyone Associated with NHCC
To this end, NHCC has promulgated a Code of Ethics, a set of general principles to which NHCC expects every member of the Corporation, every Director, Officer, Clinical Practitioner, Employee (full-time and part-time), student, and volunteer to strictly adhere. Additionally, NHCC expects all of the Corporation's contractors, vendors, consultants, and other agents to comply with the NHCC Code of Ethics as a condition of doing business with NHCC.

Employees are Required to Report Suspicions of Wrongdoing; Reports Can Be Made Anonymously;No Retaliation for Good Faith Reporting
To assist NHCC in meeting its legal and ethical obligations, any employee who reasonably suspects or is aware of any wrongdoing on the part of any member of the Corporation or any NHCC contractor, vendor, consultant, or agent is required to report such information to his/her supervisor, to a member of the NHCC Executive Staff, to NHCC's Chief Compliance Officer, or via the NHCC No-Caller ID Compliance Helpline (see below). Any NHCC employee who reports such information will have the right and opportunity to do so anonymously and will be protected against retaliation for coming forward with such information both under NHCC's internal compliance policies and procedures and Federal and State law. Notwithstanding the foregoing, NHCC retains the right to take appropriate action against any employee who has participated in a violation of Federal or State law or of NHCC policies and procedures.

Patients and Others are Encouraged to Report Suspicions of Wrongdoing
In order to help us provide our patients and nursing home residents with the very best of quality care, NHCC strongly encourages any patient, nursing home resident, contractor, vendor, consultant, agent, visitor, or other person who reasonably suspects or is aware of any wrongdoing by anyone at or on behalf of NHCC to report such information to NHCC's Chief Compliance Officer or to call the NHCC No-Caller ID Compliance Helpline.

NHCC will Investigate All Reports of Suspected Wrongdoing
NHCC obligates itself to investigate any suspicions of fraud, waste, or abuse swiftly and thoroughly through its internal compliance programs and processes. If NHCC determines that a violation of its Code of Ethics or other wrongdoing has occurred, NHCC will implement an appropriate corrective action plan including disciplinary action against wrongdoers.

Key NHCC Compliance Program Contact Information

Chief Compliance Officer
Michael Ferrandino
Tel: (516) 572-6899

HIPAA Information Security Officer
Wai Au-Yeung
Tel.: (516 572-6616
Pager (516) 651-5455

Equal Employment Officers
Maureen Roarty & Corinne Imbert-Faria
Tel.: (516) 572-6301
E-mail: or

Patient Safety Officer
Dr. Victor Scarmato
Tel.: (516) 572-6633


Introduction to Privacy Notice

Dear Patient,

This is a summary of the ways in which medical information about you may be used and disclosed, and how you can get access to this information. Nassau Health Care Corporation will use your medical information as part of rendering patient care. Your medical information may be used for treatment, payment, or health care operations. For example, your medical information may be used by the health care professional treating you, by the business office to process your payment for the services rendered, and by administrative personnel reviewing the quality and appropriateness of the care you receive. Your information may also be disclosed pursuant to applicable federal and state law.

The complete Notice of Privacy Practices is attached. We encourage you to read the entire Notice. You are required to acknowledge in writing that you have received a copy of the Notice.

The attached Notice is effective as of April 14, 2003.

English Version

Introducción al Aviso de Privacidad

Estimado Paciente,

Este es un resumen de las maneras en que información medica suya puede ser usada y revelada, y como usted puede conseguir acceso a esta información. Nassau Health Care Corporation usara su información medica como parte de dar cuidado al paciente. Su información medica puede ser usada para dar tratamiento, pago, o operaciones de cuidado de salud. Por ejemplo, su información medica puede ser usada por el profesional de cuidado de salud que le este dando tratamiento (medico), por la oficina de negocio para procesar su pago por los servicios dados, y por el personal administrativo revisando la calidad y si es adecuado el cuidado que usted recibe. Su información también puede ser revelada de acuerdo a las leyes aplicables federales y del estado.

El Aviso de Practicas de Privacidad completo esta adjunto. Le aconsejamos que lea el Aviso entero. Se le requiere que reconozca, por escrito, que usted ha recibido una copia del Aviso.

El Aviso adjunto es efectivo a partir del 14 de abril, 2003.

Spanish Version