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Brain & Nerves

Our brain and nervous system affects literally every aspect of our health and our lives. NuHealth’s neurology specialists work to relieve pain, restore function and correct physical abnormalities of the brain and nerves, improving the quality of life for hundreds of patients each year. In addition to caring for patients with such problems as seizure disorders, neuropathy, memory loss, cerebral palsy and back pain, NuHealth’s specialists in adult and pediatric neurology work closely with specialists in psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation and other areas to diagnose and treat the wide variety of issues resulting from nerve and brain diseases or damage. If surgery is necessary, our neurosurgery team is well-prepared to repair brain and nerve damage, remove brain tumors and correct other abnormalities, as well as provide emergency treatment for head and nerve injuries.

  • Certified Stroke Center
  • Epilepsy and Seizure Clinic
  • Child Developmental Neurology Clinic
  • Adult & Pediatric Neuromuscle Clinic
  • General Neurology Clinic
  • Emergency and Ongoing Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia diagnosis and management
  • Comprehensive Neuro-Diagnostic Laboratories

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Chairman: Satish Kadakia MD
Imran Wahedna MD
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NuHealth’s Department of Neurology diagnoses and treats a wide range of neurological problems, including pain management, seizure disorders, sensory or memory loss, neuromuscular disorders and more. Once diagnosed, our neurologists work on their own or with colleagues specializing in neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry and other disciplines, coordinating services to provide the appropriate solution for your problem and your lifestyle.

NuHealth’s neurologists are also an important resource for community physicians, and receive frequent referrals from primary care doctors and a variety of specialists. As with our Nassau University Medical Center colleagues, we maintain close collaborative relationships with our referrers, and make sure diagnostic and treatment information is forwarded appropriately.

Neurological problems can be painful, annoying, debilitating or even frightening, but with the help of our compassionate, board-certified physicians and caring staff , they can become a lot easier to manage.

For appointments, call (516) 572-3107


When brain and nerve disorders cannot be corrected medically, NuHealth’s neurosurgery team at Nassau University Medical Center is called in. From malignant and benign tumors, aneurysms and neurovascular malformations to stroke, epilepsy, intracranial atherosclerosis, carotid stenosis and other brain and nerve diseases, our skilled North Shore-LIJ based neurosurgical team provides surgical solutions that improve and even save lives.
In addition, Nassau University Medical Center’s role as the county’s leading trauma center keeps our neurosurgeons busy, routinely saving or restoring critical neurological and neuromuscular functions following physical trauma. In many cases, their intervention has prevented or greatly lessened the degree of permanent disability.

To learn more, or to consult with a neurosurgeon, call (516) 572-6703.

Clinical Staff
Dr. Elizabeth Fontana, MD, Director of Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurology

In collaboration with our colleagues in pediatrics, NuHealth’s pediatric neurology specialists help diagnose and treat children with a broad spectrum of neurological and neuromuscular diseases and disorders. Our multidisciplinary pediatric neurology team diagnoses and treats a variety of conditions, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, ADHD, learning problems, developmental disabilities, movement disorders, pediatric headache, and more.

Children and parents referred to NuHealth’s pediatric neurology specialists are often frightened and anxious, and some patients may have accompanying behavioral issues. Our caring staff is both specially trained and experienced in managing children from birth through adolescence with neurological impairments, and can help turn a difficult experience into a routine for parent and child alike.

To learn more, or to make an appointment with the pediatric neurology clinic, call (516) 572-5914.
For professional consultations, call (516) 572-5914.

Certified Stroke Center

When it comes to stroke, the only thing that stands between the patient and permanent loss of function is swift, sure action. NuHealth’s Certified Stroke Center at Nassau University Medical Center has made that difference for thousands of Long Islanders.
The moment the NUMC Emergency Department is notified about the impending arrival of a suspected stroke victim, the Stroke Center’s experienced multidisciplinary team of emergency physicians, neurologists, radiologists and other experienced caregivers is assembled and prepared to take steps to identify the problem and mitigate damage within the all-important “golden hour.” But their work doesn’t stop there. Our neurologists and rehabilitative specialists continue to work together to give each patient his or her best hope of survival with minimal incapacitation, and to give each family caregiver the support they need.
NuHealth is proud to have received Certified Stroke Center status from the Department of Health, because it is a sign of our commitment to provide the best in post-stroke care for our patients as well as to provide our community with the information it needs to help prevent strokes in the first place.

For more information about stroke and NuHealth’s Certified Stroke Center, call (516) 572-3107
To make an appointment with a neurologist, call (516) 572-3107.

Neurodiagnostic Laboratories

Determining the cause of neurological dysfunction requires sophisticated diagnostic capabilities. NuHealth’s neurodiagnostic laboratories are equipped to provide the detailed information our neurologists need to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the brain and nerves. Our laboratories include:

  • Electroencephalography (EEG) Lab This laboratory records brain wave function to help diagnose seizures and other related neurological disorders.
  • Evoked Potential Lab A variety of equipment measures patients visual, auditory and somatosensory pathways to help diagnose disorders such as multiple sclerosis, hearing loss and other neurological problems.
  • Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Lab Using electrical stimulation to test nerves and muscles, this lab helps diagnose a wide variety of neuromuscular disorders, including muscular dystrophy, peripheral neuropathy, polio and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or “Lou Gehrig’s disease”).

If you are a patient, your neurologist will schedule you for appropriate testing.
If you are a health care provider referring a patient for testing, please call (516) 572-3107.