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The function of pathology is to provide diagnostic information on the identity and causative factors of human disease. Physicians throughout Nassau University Medical Center, A. Holly Patterson Extended Care and the NuHealth Family Health Centers rely on NuHealth’s Pathology Services for timely, precise analysis of blood and tissue. Our comprehensive clinical pathology services include gold-standard infectious disease testing in our virology and microbiology laboratories, blood banking and transfusion services, as well as molecular diagnostics and cytopathology. Anatomic pathology services include autopsy, surgical pathology, and fine needle aspiration.

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Anatomic Pathology

Although television programs like CSI, Quincy M.E. and Crossing Jordan have made performing autopsies the best known duties of the anatomic pathologist, in fact most pathologists spend less than 10 percent of their time in the morgue. NuHealth’s anatomic pathologists work to determine the causes of disease through the visual, microscopic, chemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs and tissues obtained through surgery, biopsy and autopsy. Working closely with surgeons, radiologists, dermatologists and other physicians, our anatomic and surgical pathologists play a vital role in the diagnosis of cancer and other diseases at Nassau University Medical Center.

In the event an autopsy is needed to determine cause of death, rest assured that our pathologists and technicians will not only find the answers, but treat your loved one with care, respect and cultural sensitivity.

Chemistry/Hematology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Chemistry/Hematology Laboratory is a vital component of emergency and trauma care at Nassau University Medical Center. Providing rapid, accurate analysis of various metabolic and hematological parameters in patients’ blood and other fluids, our pathologists and technicians directly affect patient care by helping physicians throughout the hospital diagnose and monitor disease.

The laboratory also provides urinalysis, blood lead levels, complete blood differential counting and determination of hemaglobinopathies (such as sickle cell and Cooley’s anemia), as well as oncologic testing for our pediatric patients.

To contact NuHealth’s Chemistry/Hematology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call 516-572-8846

Cytology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Cytology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center processes body fluids and smears for microscopic examination to identify cancer and other disease processes. Our cytologists use sophisticated sample preparation and examination technologies to diagnose disease at a cellular level. Specimen types include urine, bronchioaveolar lavage and cervical cell preparations.

NuHealth’s Cytology Laboratory is kept extra busy as a result of its commitment to provide pap smears to women in underserved communities throughout Long Island that are often hit by instances of cervical cancer.

To contact NuHealth’s Cytology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call (516) 572- 6408

Histology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Histology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center processes tissue specimens for examination by the hospital’s anatomic pathologists. In many cases, specialized immunochemistry staining is used to aid the pathologist in the diagnosis and staging of cancer and other disease processes. In cases of urgent diagnosis, unfixed, frozen sections are prepared for examination.

To contact NuHealth’s Histology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call 516-572-4951

Immunology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Immunology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center diagnoses a variety of autoimmune diseases including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. For pregnant women, our laboratory helps ensure that they are protected from a number of infectious diseases that can threaten the health of their unborn children, including measles, mumps and rubella. We also perform protein electrophoresis to monitor diseases, including multiple myeloma.

For HIV-infected patients, we provide monitoring of the CD4+ lymphocytes quantified by flow cytometry. Continually monitoring is an important tool to assess the effectiveness of anti-viral therapy in treating HIV.

Microbiology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center uses advanced technologies to aid in the isolation and identification of numerous pathogens. Our scientists and technicians work in a variety of capacities. Bacteriology identifies, isolates and performs susceptibility testing on bacteria collected from all body sites. In Mycology, yeasts and molds from human specimens are screened. NuHealth’s Parasitology service identifies a variety of parasites, malaria, ticks and other arthropods of human importance. Molecular testing for tuberculosis and other related organisms in Mycobacteriology are essential for maintaining the public health. We also perform serology testing, which monitors the body’s response to infection.

In addition, NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory plays an important role in bioterrorism preparedness for Long Island, providing prompt identification of bioterrorism agents, and working in coordination with local, state and federal agencies.

To contact NuHealth’s Microbiology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call 516-572-4951

Point-of-Care Testing Services

NuHealth’s Point of Care Testing service reaches beyond Nassau University Medical Center to provide on-site testing in NuHealth’s Family Health Centers. By placing experienced laboratory personnel in our Family Health Centers, we ensure that your primary care physician or pediatrician can get most test results during your visit. Point of Care testing services include urinalysis, hemoglobin, urine pregnancy, glucose and rapid HIV testing.

To contact NuHealth’s Point of Care Testing Service, call (516) 572-5221

Virology & Molecular Pathology Laboratory

NuHealth’s Virology and Molecular Pathology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center provides cell culture and rapid diagnostic testing for the identification of infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, Chlamydia, human human papilloma virus (HPV) and more. As one of the few virology centers in the region, NuHealth’s Virology Laboratory provides testing services to local hospitals, private laboratories and long-term care facilities. We actively collaborate with Nassau County agencies in cases of potential child abuse and rape, providing specialized testing for Chlamydia and other STD agents.

NuHealth’s Virology and Molecular Pathology Laboratory also plays an important role in Long Island’s ability to respond to emerging viruses such as SARS and the avian and swine flu variants. Our ongoing epidemiologic surveillance for infectious diseases is a vital link in the region’s public health and safety. We are an important part of the region’s overall bio-preparedness and planned response to bioterrorism, informing and educating health care professionals both locally and nationally about emerging dangers.

To contact NuHealth’s Virology & Molecular Pathology Laboratory at Nassau University Medical Center, call 516-572-8712