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NuHealth Joins "Go Red" Women's Heart Health Campaign

NuHealth has teamed with up the "Go Red" movement to promote heart-healthy living among women.

Spearheaded by the American Heart Association, the "Go Red" movement raises awareness of heart disease in women. Stealthily robbing women's lives, heart disease accounts for more deaths in women in the United States than all forms of cancer combined. Claiming the lives of one in three women annually, approximately one woman succumbs to this deadly disease every minute.

Knowledge is power and our first line of defense against heart disease. Since women experience the warning signs of chest pain differently than men, a national education campaign is underway to promote heart-healthy living and alert women to the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Together, NuHealth and the American Heart Association can educate and save lives.

The NuHealth "Go Red" day-long information seminar, held Feb. 1, included blood pressure screenings and a series of heart care presentations welcomed by NuHealth CEO/President Arthur Gianelli.

Amgad Makaryus, MD Chairman Cardiology, and Lorinda Bauer, RN Director Cardiac Services, welcomed the participants. NuHealth's Medical Director Steve Walerstein, MD Executive Vice-President of Medical Affairs, headed up the roster of physicians, nurses and care givers presenting illuminating remarks on the topic. The esteemed speakers included Kathy Skarka, RN, Executive Nursing Officer; Sandra Reynolds, patient ambassador; Deborah Gunther, patient ambassador; Rosalind Watman, DO - Healthy Heart; and Kyriaki Poumpouridis, MD - Coronary stenting; who each shed light on the deadly threat of heart disease for women from their disciplinary perspectives.

The "Go Red" seminar wrapped up with a 'march to the floors' and teleconference for those who were interested in more details.

Photographs of the NUMC/NuHealth "Go Red" event

Staff members work as a team to educate patients about 'women and heart disease.'

Blood pressure screenings were conducted on NuHealth's staff and community members.